baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me

respectable street / xtc

it sounds as if xtc recorded this yesterday.

pop sensibility / the blue meanies

NOT the obnoxious ska band from chicago.

living next to alice / chron gen

my favorite opener.

the summer of pop

okay, i don’t want to let my tumblr die just yet. no more graphical lyrics/wordstuffs, sorry! i graduated a few weeks ago and now i’m on the hunt for a job. i’ve had some spare time on my hands, so i decided to throw together a summer mix. here’s the playlist. i’ll post one a day for you folks, and might even use this tumblr as a real blog.

the summer of pop:

  • living next to alice / chron gen
  • pop sensibility / blue meanies
  • respectable street / xtc
  • celebrity art party / the embarrassment
  • astral glamour / the homosexuals
  • x offender / blondie
  • glow in the dark / the bongos
  • ghost of a chance / the blades
  • hurt / upset
  • prettiest girl / club wow
  • all of a sudden / b.t.p. folders
  • i look alone / buzzcocks
  • girl in the golden disc / the records
  • she’s got the beat / the judy’s
  • wild about you / same
  • welcome to the party / phil daniels & the cross
  • incredibly clichéd / the rude kids
  • show her you care / strangeways
  • i don’t know why / blue shoes
  • popgun / the bats
  • you must have crossed my mind / the toms
  • i’m in love / i.q. zero
  • summer fun / the barracudas
  • boys are drinking / b girls
  • yesterday’s love / any trouble
  • she’ll disappear / shoes
  • love in the head / agony column
  • don’t break this heart / bloom
  • bullet proof nothing / simply saucer
  • fell in love / vertex
  • i want you / big m
  • safe in the rain / the clean

stay tuned! if you’re not down with mod/pop/punk/rock circa 1975-1985, you might want to unfollow me now.

many thanks go to tristan and his fantastic postpunk tumblr, the amazing modpoppunk folks, the musicophilia blog, and dozens of others. made it specifically for my bud, kate.

thanks, and i hope you enjoy!

-nick h.

I know I said I wasn’t usin’ this tumblr no more, but might as well rep this. I’ve been spending the last few months throwing this gig together, so I’d be tickled if any of you tumblrs and tumblettes would make the trip to Athens, OH on June 6th to see some amazing music. There’ll also be a craft fair with dozens of local artists and vendors selling cool stuff. Make it a date. It’s a free festival. Come rock out! I propose June 6th be an official Tumblr meet-up for the Midwest kids. Any takers? If you have questions or wanna get a hold of me, hit me up at
Nick H.
(also, this rad poster was designed by my bud Ryan. Follow him, he’s an amazing artist and musician.)


I think I’m finished with this blog. The novelty has worn thin. Tumblarity is an upsetting idea. I have a lot on my plate at the moment. I’m at an impasse.

Thanks to those who appreciated some of the same things I appreciate. I was happy to share. 

I don’t really have a personal blog for you to follow, but you’re more than welcome to befriend me on Facebook and MySpace or follow my sad little attempt at poetry.

Best of luck to all of you,